Bandmill Blade Sharpening

We have the capability to set and sharpern a variety of Bandmill Blades. We use a Cook's Cat Claw fully automatic sharpener. This machine can sharpen blades from 1 to 4 inches wide, different lengths, different hook angles using variable depth, variable feed and variable gullet profiling.

After we clean, inspect and adjust the set of the blade it is placed on our sharpener. The machine requires basic setup then sharpening is fully automatic. We have been able to sharpen our own bandmill blades up to 6 - 8 times and in some cases even more before replacement. We have found that keeping a sharp blade on your bandmill increases production as well as extending the life of your blades. A dull blade and excessive feed pressure will cause blade stress cracks that can lead to premature failure as well as unnecessary wear and stress on bandmill components. Give us a call or email and let us help you with your bandmill blade maintenance or if you are having problems maybe we can help by sharing some of our experiences.

We also have machinery to sharpen chainsaw chains and drill bits up to 3/4 inch diameter.

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